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Posted by: Steve Kimmel 7 months ago

Shown in the photo above is Jean Gernand, a local historian in Huntington County. She was honored Tuesday evening with a plaque, unveiled in her honor, with her photo and an inscription recognizing her contributions to the history of Huntington County.

Jean Gernand, a local historian in the community, had a plaque unveiled in her honor on Tuesday, October 10 at the Historic Forks of the Wabash. The plaque in located at the Chief Richardville house at the Forks.

The plaque reads: “With honor and appreciation we recognize Jean Gernand for her unrelenting accomplishments in helping to preserve much of the history and culture of the county. Presented with gratitude by citizens of Huntington County.”

Gernand was honored for being one of the first individuals in the community to help establish the Historic Forks of the Wabash. She was instrumental in seeing that the Chief Richardville house was moved from across the road to where the house is placed now. Gernand was also instrumental in the start of the Pioneer Festival with the first festival held in the parking lot at Huntington North High School in October 1976. Since then the festival has grown in size and has been moved to Hier’s Park in September.

Professionally, Gernand was a history teacher for the Huntington County Community School Corporation.